Relax Sauna Info Page

The Relax Sauna creates a special Unique “Hot Springs –Chi Energy” effect not felt in any other sauna!

An Infrared Sauna Built to Have the Same Healing Energy as Hot Spring

The only Infrared Sauna with powerful medical grade technology

Works Instantly!   Penetrates Deeply!   Full Body Detox-Sweat in 15-20 minutes!   Portable – Convenient – Safe – Durable

The Advanced Breakthrough in technology that took 10 years to discover by a team of scientists is unparalleled and unmatched.  The Relax Sauna company has received many awards and honors for its creation of the Relax Sauna semi-conductor chips.  These chips generate over 95% pure far infrared light, unheard of in the infrared Sauna industry, thus creating a special Unique “Hot Springs – chi Energy” effect that one does not feel in any other sauna !  (most infrared saunas generate between 18 – 50% far infrared energy using the technologies that they have purchased or developed, either from carbon panels, ceramic generators, or a combination of both).

So many individuals have expressed this to us after they get out of the Relax Sauna at conferences.  They feel different.  They feel uplifted.  Its hard to express how they feel, but they do feel good !   It is interesting to note how many people get out of the Relax Sauna at conferences and tell us that the Relax Sauna is “Amazing”!   Just as many tell us it is “Awesome”.   Thousands tell us that their pain is greatly reduced, or not even there at all.  We have demonstrated the Relax Sauna at over 300 conferences, expos, and professional trade shows over the last 15 years, and have amassed about 800 Video testimonials, where individuals are describing to us their accounts of minor or major experiences they have just had in a 5-10 minute trial of the Relax Sauna, or have reported to us after 1-10 years of using the Relax Sauna, how the Relax Sauna has transformed their life, and/or how much they love the relax sauna. 

The Marvels of the Relax Sauna is hard to describe yet, easy to feel.