Independent Test of the Relax Sauna

Review of the Relax Sauna and potent Dr interviews about the Relax Sauna

Home heat stress training and cold shower experiment and review of the Relax Sauna

A Reddit post by a man who used his Apple watch to record the increase in core temperature. 

  • I would recommend sauna training and this sauna unit in particular to anyone (especially paired with cold showers). It seems to have such wide ranging benefits similar to and is a great addition to the commonly recommended ‘core’ practices like diet, exercise, sleep, meditation.I think this is pretty exciting as this is a really practical way to do hyperthermic training at home as often as you want even if you live in a small apartment.
  • The Relax Sauna is probably the best and only realistic option to do hyperthermic heat stress training at home that can replicate (or actually exceed based on my results) the benefits found in studies due to its cheaper competitors being underpowered. Do not waste your time with sub $500 units on Amazon. I have my doubts about (other infrared sauna) unless someone can provide the same measures I have here. The Sunlighten Solo has a good temperature study showing legitimate heat stress but is weaker, much more expensive, and you have to lie down.
  • Tracking your temperature in relation to time and heart rate is an easy and effective way to quantify the heat stress dosage and your body’s adaptation over time and good for overall safety. If you are healthy some good starting points are 100-101F, 70% HR max, and/or 25 minutes but always listen to your body over biometrics and build slowly.
  • Tired spells and food comas seem to have been almost banished for me in one week. Cold shower compliance increased greatly after sauna. Sleep and acne greatly improved. Read more on

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If there was ever a product that lived up to its promise, this is it! Profuse sweating after only a short time. I would not call the experience as “relaxing” as it is intense—especially after 23 minutes (my present limit).Special thanks to David in Customer Service who went out of his way to address my concerns about shipping. Three cheers!!!” -John B