Lee is a physician and recovering from breast cancer. She says the sauna helped clear up her skin. It helps soothe her muscles after a workout. It improves her energy. She also has not gotten sick in a year and was getting sick 2 or 3 times a year previously.

In this spontaneous Relax Sauna testimonial: Dr. Tony describes the use of far infrared with cancer. He is a clinical nutritionist and has a PhD in molecular biology and molecular pharmacology. He bought a Relax sauna at the same IAACN Conference last year. “I put it in my clinic and most using it for the cancer patients because it can raise the temperature of the body up to around 138° F. A normal cell can tolerate that temperature but a cancer cell cannot. I use it myself every day for around 10 minutes. It feels like energy raised up and then also relaxation. And also the circulation has become much better. The patient feels good too, especially those people with arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, also osteoarthritis and also some kinds of autoimmune problems, diabetes, and people they have peripheral neuropathy. Then once they get in and the neuropathy gets much lighter.” He confirms that he loves the Relax sauna and recommends it. He has has good results with people. “No bad results.”